Listening to music while working out or during sports, can be quite a motivator. We have all known this since eternity. However the new toys in the market are well beyond your expectations be it in listening to music or tracking vital stats while working out. Take a look at the top few jaw dropping ones!

Fuelband by Nike

A simple wristband at the look of it, this toy makes for an uber cool style statement while working out. It yields “Fuel Points” to help compare you with others irrespective of the sport. It flaunts a motion sensor that aids in tracking your movement and also the number of steps you take in a day.

Bose SIE2i headphones

The best sports headphones are those which stay in place while you’re in the grill, those which are sweat resistant and those which have shorter chords. This beauty gives you all of that with complementary funky colors.

iPhone Cufflink

This gadget makes your phone go hands free (literally)! Just fix your iPhone by on its slot and use it as a running armband or while cycling. Offering maximum flexibility with a 360 degree rotation, it comes equipped with a comfortable wrist band and a protective skin converting your iPhone into a mobile workout band!

Umoro One

This is one bottle to be crazy about if you’re a gym freak. It looks like an ordinary bottle but can do two things at a time. Use it as a bottle when you need H2O or use it as an energy drink bottle. With a click of the button on the bottle it releases about 1.5 scoops of your favorite energy drink.

Feel the adrenaline rushing already? Well hold on, these gadgets have hit the store shelves and come with handy sports manuals too. They can be used for just about any sport helping you stay fit and healthy, in style. So how many still have their thinking hats on? Stop thinking and start working out because you have some of the best motivators at hand!X

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Running has its proven benefits. While some are professional runners others opt for it as an exercising regime. Either way, runners need to optimize their workout to achieve their respective goals. Besides using the best gear, runners can optimize their run by using stopwatches to measure their performance. Stopwatches range from a simple time trackers to a complex motion sensors. Imagine monitoring your performance through your very own iPhone. Oh no, you don’t need someone else to do it for you! You can do it very well by yourself.

It has always been cumbersome to handle phones while on the move and keeping it elsewhere, like in pockets or in backpacks. Well, there are many technologies that have emerged in the market to address this problem. One of them is the Cufflink, an iPhone 4 armband which can be used for running, cycling or working out without the fear of dropping or losing it.

The wristband comes with a protective covering which clings on to your iPhone. The tabs on the sides can be pressed to fit in or release the phone from the band. Once mounted it also provides a 360 degree rotation of the phone on the belt. Easy toggle between landscape and portrait mode ensure you are comfortable with the view you have. All you need to do fix in your iPhone to the band.

Wondering how would that help you in your workout? It’s simple. Install the latest apps on your iPhone to monitor various parameters of your workout, mount the device on the wristband and you’re all set to go. Who says you need extra gadgets to measure your workout progress? Tools like the Cufflink iPhone 4 armband can help you use your iPhone to do it all!

So how do you monitor your workout performance? What gadgets do you think are the best for the purpose? Share your thoughts.

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