Cufflink update

Cufflink systems now comes in colors for the iPhone 5.

  • Orange
  • Hot Pink
  • Royal Blue
  • Black
  • The iPhone 4 still has black and white


  • So excited that the  Cufflink iPhone wristband now comes in colors for iPhone 5.  I’ve gotten great reviews from our current customers:
  • Ruth runs the art  gallery at UTC in Chattanooga.  She wears her Cufflink wristband every day.  She always knows where her phone is and can work without carrying her phone in her hands or in her pocket.
  • Nancy said I bought it for my trip to Italy as I wanted a more secure way to keep it available for use and not have it in my hands or drop or have someone take it out of my hands.  It was good too when I road a bike as we did in Verona.
  • NY taxi driver:  This is great for hands free driving and I use my speaker phone to talk.  Can’t get a ticket for that.
  • Rosemary said I am extremely hard-of-hearing and would like to have an iPhone wrist band I could wear all the time so I can feel the vibration and have Siri remind me by vibrating.
  • Jeremy said I'm just normal guy trying to lose weight. I get a lot of texts while walking and I figured this would be a good setup. I used google looking for different wrist straps for I phone.

These are just a few of the comments made by Cufflink customers.  Cufflink works as a sportsband for runners, bikers, hikers,etc…  But, the original reason for the design is to solve a problem that I saw here in NYC.  Everyone was carrying their phone in their hand so that they would have easy access to e-mails and texts.  I made it better.  Now you can wear your iPhone on your wrist or forearm and have your hands free.  You can still access your iPhone easily and it pivots 360 degrees so you can use it landscape or portrait.  I wear mine getting from place to place and once I arrive, I simply release my phone from the case, and keep the comfortable Cufflink band on my arm.  So you don’t have to be an athlete to like your Cufflink wristband.  This is for everyone who has an iPhone.


Now, with the new colors, I’m more excited than ever.