Our Story

Addressing A Problem

I designed CuffLink™ after realizing that I, as along with many iPhone owners, always seemed to carry my iPhone in my hand instead of in my bag or in my pocket. I felt this was cumbersome and unsafe, so we designed an alternative accessory for the iPhone which allows you to wear it securely on your wrist. No fumbling, no searching, no hassle.

Designed For Comfort & Usability

This new sleek design consists of a highly comfortable silicone wrist band paired with a specially designed  iPhone case which allows you to connect, pivot, and disconnect simply and securely. To top it all off, the connection is built into both the case and the band which is maximized for comfort and usability.

The true beauty of the Cufflink is the fact that you can see who is calling, texting, or e-mailing without having to carry your iPhone in your hand. My patented design allows you to adjust it's orientation to landscape or portrait mode by simply pivoting your iPhone while it is attached to your wrist. The band is proportioned well for your wrist and is easy to attach. 

Enjoy & Connect With Us!

Zenda SnyderI hope you find the Cufflink equally as exciting as we do and sincerely hope you enjoy your new life with the Cufflink.

If you have any questions what-so-ever please feel free to email me directly at zenda@cufflinksystems.com, connect with me on Facebook/Twitter or call me at (212) 489-9078.